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BNR Aqar is a real estate marketing platform owned and operated by PM Advertising and PROTIP UK Limited. It redefines how property searchers can find a property that matches their needs. We couldn't ignore the market's need for some less sophisticated way of buying real estate in the real estate market in Egypt and the Gulf, and that's how the story began.

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Fantasy fan club

-  FFC is the first Arabic application in the Middle East for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) fans and players in the Arab World.

-  The application helps FPL players score higher points in the game by providing all the needed information, statistics, and the latest news of the Premier League players in Arabic.

-  Since the fantasy game was initiated in 2002, it has accumulated millions of players and followers. Over 8 million people worldwide participate in the Fantasy Premier League every year.

-  The game became very popular in Egypt and the Arab World since the season of 2016/17, along with Mo Salah being the premier league wonder.

-  The Fantasy players’ community has been scattered among many separate platforms, so we decided to create one club for all the Fantasy fans in the Middle East.