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Our Team

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Our Management
Edit Component Mena Mahfouz of type Profile
Mena Mahfouz - CEO
Mena Mahfouz
Founder | Managing Director
Edit Component Peter Attala of type Profile
Peter Attala
Peter Attala
Founder | Strategic Director
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Our Magic Makers
Edit Component Sarah Sawires of type Profile
Sarah Sawires
Sarah Sawires
Client Success Manager
Edit Component Mohamed Khaled of type Profile
Mohamed Khaled
Mohamed Khaled
Graphic Design Team Leader
Edit Component Nadin khalil of type Profile
Nadin khalil
Account manager
Edit Component Mustafa Salah of type Profile
Mustafa Salah
Mustafa Salah
Graphic Designer
Edit Component Asmaa Hamdy of type Profile
Asmaa Hamdy
Asmaa Hamdy
Content Creator / Data Analyst
Edit Component Mostafa Azzam of type Profile
Mostafa Azzam
Mostafa Azzam
Senior Media Buyer
Edit Component Aly Bahy of type Profile
Aly Bahy
Media Buyer
Edit Component Amr Alaa of type Profile
Amr Alaa
Content Creator
Edit Component Michael Samuel of type Profile
Michael Samuel
Account Manager
Edit Component Maryam Ahmed of type Profile
Maryam Ahmed
Senior Motion Graphic
Edit Component Youssef Mahfouz of type Profile
Youssef Mahfouz
Youssef Mahfouz
Social Media Moderator
Edit Component Mariam Mahfouz of type Profile
Mariam Mahfouz
Mariam Mahfouz
Social Media Moderator
Edit Component Abo Elela Ramadan of type Profile
Abo Elela
Abo Elela Ramadan
Edit Component Qamar ibrahim of type Profile
Qamar ibrahim